The Light

by Ill Lyrics



Produced and Recorded by Rob The Viking at The Chamber Studios
All Lyrics written by ill Lyrics.
DJ scratches by ill Lyrics


I am the light mythologist, ill Lyrics walking in the dark
and I’m feeling so positive, take some time to give.

You a little bit of this gist, while strolling through the mist
slippery and so slick, where will we go with this gust of wind its

wondering lost in the forest I’m the hooded mongrel
truly it is true it takes two to tango juicy like a mango.

taste the taste, take the test, like the cool aid acid test
putting fakers and hater to rest, far away from the best.

sometimes i wish it would all go away a mongoloid astray far far away
in a distant land where no woman or man stands.

Go on get this ish off your chest, a whole lot to confess
but maybe ill just wait till my death, shoot the shit with the gods.

I’m feeling kinda odd, its like wilderness survival
watching out like aye aye captain taking out my rivals.

writing the new bible, another life cycle, the future is now
bow down to the west its cold like ice cube connection.

As a funky homosapien staggers through the desert
searching for his long lost cousin mumbling gibberish

tumbling giddy kid, stop the nonsense i talk bold with confidence
often tempted by my mistress to loose all significance

dabbling in richness then its all gone like a cyclone
dedicated true disciple decibels so loud

blown away in the wind, everything is a sin
when your doing deeds for the devil

that evil medicine, there's so much menacing
herbs grown, and kept away, to ones self like Edison

lights for growing crops in tiny rooms its halogen
consumed by doom loom in tune chords pricked in skin

kept in a community, commune its assumed
you see, the colony will never sever its distant ties

with former lives in the outside world, bubble, and boil
listen boys and girls ladies and gentlemen

the sounds are settling!!!

Verse 2

Take you to a land, so far away we stand
in the midst of enlightenment

So exciting, for some it may be frightening
finding the rite timing, inside the universe

hidden in verses, dispersed with purpose
to feed the wordless, def mutes speak in dialogue

I'm in a higher log, books placed on top shelves
if you tried to reach you might have fallen to hell

baffle your knees bee’s be making G’s milk and honey
buzzing, humming the coming of a new messiah

prophet I’m on it, like i used to be on chronic
but now it flows out my veins, into the society

built with variety, killing time so kindly
childish violent peeps won’t last a minute

i will sit and watch them diminish
quick wit it, growing strong like eating spinach

its straight from the heart grown in the dark
sprouted a new strain, to cantata

instrumental Ramada, you gotta give it all you got
or you’ll be left in the dark, dark passage ways

where monks used to graze for inspiration
focal point lyrical station a fresh creation

is what were making and it doesn’t come everyday man
its sometimes a strain and when we gotta do the labor

but we push through and dumb dudes get Kung Fu knocked out
rite through it congruent fluent
with news to pick the good the bad and the ugly

rocks and big boulders tumbling down hills into valleys
as we rally you see the dust only in one is trust

so wipe that look off your face, you muff
crush bust another wonder lust

i might take a second to listen
positioned in glistening light my position

of reality positive and some are astounded to see I’m so happy
see but my smile keeps reaching the less fortunate

come on its the power source of course it's thick!



released August 21, 2016
ill Lyrics, Rob The Viking



all rights reserved


Ill Lyrics Nanaimo, British Columbia

Born in 1987 in Nanaimo BC. ill Lyrics was Raised on Gabriola Island! He started break dancing and listening to hip hop, reggae and a wide variety of music at a very young age. He started writing lyrics and recording with Beat Shiners through high School. Then went on with solo albums (creating his own sound). Now its 2015 and he is making beats and working on a instrumental/Hip-Hop album. ... more

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